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Dentist on Mazepa:
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Thorough examination of the masticatory system is a primary procedure which gives an answer to the main questions: what needs to be treated and how it needs to be treated.

Prior to any manipulation, attending dentist should have the most complete and accurate information regarding the causes of the existing pathology. Only in this case, the long-term positive effect of the performed treatment can be expected.

Diagnostic testing includes the following:
• taking photos of patients from different angles (face and teeth) prior to treatment,
• placement of models (upper and lower jaw teeth imprints) into articulator (a device simulating the arrangement of dental arches in the skull which allows to adjust individual parameters),
• digital calculation of various scull projections, axiography and condylography (recording the maxillo-temporal joint (MTJ) movement),
• processing of computed tomographic (CT) images,
• making of wax models of future prostheses or new teeth arrangement (Prof. Slavicek method) which allows to simulate the final result at the stage of planning; DSD - Digital Smile Design.