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Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic Dentistry
Aesthetic dentistry is the area of dentistry, which deals with the appearance of teeth. Aesthetic dentistry allows to correct defects of the teeth and dental occlusion, both congenital and acquired, at a high aesthetic level.

Artistic Restoration of Teeth
Artistic restoration of teeth is a complex of activities which help to improve the teeth appearance. We use both direct restoration of teeth, that is performed in the patient's mouth, and indirect restoration which is performed on the cast models of the patient’s teeth in the laboratory.

Ceramic dental inlay is a micro-prosthesis with applications similar to those of composite fillings, but having significantly higher durability. Inlays withstand large chewing loads, are more wear-resistant, and colour-resistant and allow to achieve closer contact point during restoration.

There are the following types of dental inlays:
• InLay – inlay on the chewing surface of the tooth not covering its tubercles.
• OnLay – inlay replacing the chewing surface and internal slopes of the dental tubercles.
• OverLay – inlay completely covering at least one of the dental tubercles.
• PinLay – inlay fixed on a pin.
• Veneer – a thin plate that is able to correct the defects in the tooth colour and shape. Its distinctive advantage is minimal tooth preparation and full match with the optical properties of the tooth's own tissues.
• Lumineers are new generation ceramic veneers that do not require tooth grinding. They are very thin (0.2–0.3 mm), which allows fixing the lumineer without preliminary preparation of the tooth’s own tissues.

With modern equipment and new whitening gels, teeth whitening makes the teeth snow-white. Beyond Polus Dental System allows to perform fast and, more importantly, painless teeth whitening.