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Surgical Dentistry

Surgical dentistry is the area of dentistry that includes operative interventions on soft and hard tissues of the oral cavity.

- Teeth removal:
Indications: teeth located out of arch; extended destruction of the core and subgingival parts of the tooth; fracture of the tooth root; abnormal high tooth mobility; restriction on therapeutic interventions due to orthodontic disorders. Before tooth removal, doctor will consult patient about the methods of denture treatment or implantation.


Tooth preserving techniques are the following:
1) Hemisection (partial removal of the tooth with the root).
2) Amputation (removal of the affected part of the tooth root up to tooth bifurcation).
3) Cystectomy, cystotomy (full or partial surgical removal of cyst).
• root implant system implantation,
• tongue frenulum resection,
• surgeries on the periodontal tissues (elimination of gingival recession, gingivoplasty, bone augmentation),
• treatment of inflammatory processes (periostitis, periodontitis, pericoronitis, etc.),
• preparation of the oral cavity for subsequent dental prosthetics.


None of surgical procedures cause discomfort as they are performed with preliminary anaesthesia using modern anaesthetics or with sedation under anaesthesiologist’s control.