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Dental Implantation

Dental implantation is one of the latest progressive achievements in dentistry. “Dantist na Pushkina” Dental Clinic in Dnipro offers this technology at the best price and you can make an appointment at any time.
Implantation means installation of prosthesis instead of a lost tooth. With this prosthesis, the basic functions of the teeth can be fully restored and the normal load on the jaw bone will be ensured preventing atrophy. When performing implantation, dentist takes into account individual characteristics of patient's dental occlusion and, as a result, the implant will look just like a natural tooth.

Dental implantation in our clinic is a complete replacement of your natural tooth. Professionalism of the doctors and the dental technical laboratory facilities ensure a high level of orthopaedic services in our clinic. Implants can be used where other prostheses cannot be fixed.
Providing our services, we guarantee:
• Minimal intervention,
• Preservation of bone tissue,
• Effective and fast implant engraftment,
• Excellent cosmetic effect,
• Reliability of the system.
Advantages of Dental Implantation
Among other advantages of such prostheses, there are the following benefits:
• possibility of full restoration of the tooth structure,
• preservation of chewing function and aesthetic look of teeth,
• durability of a titanium implant is several times higher than that of a natural dental root,
• high-quality crowns that are fixed on an implant serve for more than ten years,
• chewing function is the same as with natural teeth.
Dental implantation is a complex surgical procedure, but it is almost painless thanks to modern methods of anaesthesia. Therefore, do not be afraid and do not postpone your visit to a dentist. Every missed day can lead to new complications.

Risks of Dental Implantation
Dental implantation is a complete replacement for a natural tooth. However, there are some contraindications to the procedure which are subdivided as follows:
• Absolute contraindications. These include cancer, some oral cavity diseases, connective tissue disease, diabetes, nervous system diseases, and blood disorders.
• Relative contraindications. These include abnormal occlusion, gingivitis, caries, allergy to anaesthetics, bone atrophy, and poor oral hygiene.
• Temporary contraindications. Exacerbation of chronic diseases, pregnancy.
Implant insertion usually cause no side effects but there may occur some surgical complications (e. g., temporary bleeding related to tissue overheating or surgical intervention itself).

How Dental Implantation is Performed in Our Clinic
During dental implantation, a metal part (abutment) is fixed on the implant (artificial root implanted in the bone tissue of the jaw). The metal part connects the implant to the dental crown. In addition to the crown, any other prosthesis can be fixed on abutment.
Also, our clinic provides several types of implantation:
• Single stage implantation (rapid implantation) when the procedure is performed immediately after tooth extraction.
• Combined implantation. This is a combination of several types of implantation.
• Classic implantation. It is carried out when there is a lack of bone tissue and the procedure of bone grafting (bone augmentation) is required.

Implant Care
These orthopaedic prostheses require regular care and careful oral hygiene.
After the procedure, patient is prescribed necessary medicines and advised to avoid solid and hot food and hard toothbrushes for some time. Later, the tissues are restored and usual oral hygiene routine can be followed.

Advantages of Dental Implantation in the “Dantist na Pushkina” Dental Clinic
If you want to have dental implantation done in the “Dantist na Pushkina” Dental Clinic, then we can offer you the following:
• premium class services,
• comfortable and pleasant experience,
• prompt medical care,
• high-quality treatment,
• painless procedures,
• minimal implantation time,
• comfortable rehabilitation,
• convenient payment methods
• individual approach.

Prices for Dental Implantation
The price of implantation will depend on several factors, including the chosen type of procedure, the cost of a titanium implant, etc.
Visit the “Dantist na Pushkina” Dental Clinic and we will help you to have a healthy smile. To make an appointment, call us by phone or leave your request here on the site.