Дантистъ на Пушкина
г. Днипро, пр. Пушкина 24, офис 10
Дантистъ на Победе
г. Днипро, Бульвар Славы, 8
Dentist on Mazepa:
Dnipro, Mazepa avenue, 48
Opening hours:
Mon-Su: 9 to 20
Сб-Вс – выходной


Consultation is the first visit to a dentist’s office. During this visit, doctor conducts a primary examination, discusses patient’s expectations, and prescribes additional tests. After the first visit, doctor, having sufficient patient data, draws up treatment plan based on patient's needs. At our clinic, treatment plan is drawn up by a team of specific specialists ensuring its relevance and accuracy.
It should be noted that correct treatment plan is a significant part of successful treatment.