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Treatment of Maxillo-Temporal Joint (MTJ) Pathologies

The maxillo-temporal joint is one of the most complex joints in the human body. This is a complex system of muscles, ligaments, discs, and bones responsible for the movement of the lower jaw. Any defect of this system is called maxillo-temporal joint dysfunction. Symptoms of MTJ dysfunction are the following: headache; pain in the ears; pressure and pain in the eye area; clicking sound when opening or closing the mouth; pain syndromes when chewing or opening the mouth wide (yawning); displacement or restricted motion of the jaw; muscle pain; irregular dental occlusion.


Treatment of TMJ dysfunction should be based on proper diagnosis. Before final diagnosis, our doctors carry out a differential diagnostic tests to rule out the following conditions: teeth- or periodontium-related pain; tumours; neurological diseases; ear, nose, throat diseases; psychological and psychosomatic disorders; sleep disorders; teeth grinding (bruxism); posture problems.
Methods of treatment of the maxillo-temporal joint dysfunction are as follows:
• medicamentous therapy
• physiotherapy
• therapy with splints.

Tailor-made therapeutic splints effectively relax the muscles of the maxilla-temporal joint, head, upper back and neck that has a positive effect.