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Orthodontic Treatment

Straight teeth, teeth with complete occlusal contact, and properly aligned teeth minimise dental issues, reduce the risk of future dental problems, and give you a good reason to smile. Straight teeth prevent the formation of dental concrements, which can lead to gum disease, improve your chewing functions and diction.

When it comes to orthodontic treatment, there is a large range of equipment including classic metal braces, ceramic, lingual (invisible) and removable units. It all depends on the type of orthodontic treatment you need to achieve a balanced and aesthetic result. Orthodontist will choose a method based on the type of occlusion defect, your age, and your preferences regarding the treatment duration and expected result.

Often occlusion defect and crooked teeth are interrelated. Sometimes, your teeth may seem straight while your jaws are not positioned correctly. You may not even notice this, but your orthodontist will detect this pathology during the examination. In this case, treatment will help to prevent future problems, such as premature loss of teeth, excessive wear of tooth enamel, problems with speech and chewing as well as more serious problems with the joint.
Orthodontic problems of jaws or teeth can occur for various reasons. Sometimes they are hereditary, other times they are caused by injury, they can occur due to premature or late loss of baby teeth or due to thumb sucking.