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Professional Oral Hygiene

Dental hygiene involves professional cleaning of teeth by removing concrements (supragingival and subgingival deposits) and smoothing the root surface that prevents further formation of dental concrements.

Professional teeth cleaning and removal of concrements are essential; otherwise, chronic inflammation may occur in periodontal tissues which inevitably leads to loss of tooth.

Professional dental hygiene is a complex of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures aimed at identifying dental concrements and choosing the optimal method for their removal. In addition, patient gets informed about the principles of individual dental hygiene that are most suitable to the specific type of dental concrements and, if necessary, receives recommendations on the use of additional medicinal products in the form of applications, rinsing solutions, etc., which will contribute to the regeneration of periodontal tissues.


At our clinic, prior to performing professional oral hygiene, we determine the type and location of dental concrements. After that, the optimal method for removal of dental concrements and other deposits is determined. Professional dental hygiene includes two basic procedures: scaling and smoothing the root surface. Scaling is actual professional teeth cleaning, i.e., removal of supragingival and subgingival deposits (concrements). Smoothing the root surface prevents further formation of concrements which is an integral part of the periodontal disease prevention.