Дантистъ на Пушкина
г. Днипро, пр. Пушкина 24, офис 10
Дантистъ на Победе
г. Днипро, Бульвар Славы, 8
Dentist on Mazepa:
Dnipro, Mazepa avenue, 48
Opening hours:
Mon-Su: 9 to 20
Сб-Вс – выходной


All the procedures that may cause discomfort for patients are performed under intravenous sedation. We use only high-quality painkillers that take off discomfort during the treatment, do not cause allergic reactions and are approved for paediatric use.

You will be put in a sleep state and will not feel any discomfort associated with the ongoing manipulations. Easy control of the sleep depth makes sedation a completely safe method. The sedation procedure is performed by experienced anaesthesiologist who controls the entire process.