Дантистъ на Пушкина
г. Днипро, пр. Пушкина 24, офис 10
Дантистъ на Победе
г. Днипро, Бульвар Славы, 8
Dentist on Mazepa:
Dnipro, Mazepa avenue, 48
Opening hours:
Mon-Su: 9 to 20
Сб-Вс – выходной

Therapeutic Dentistry

Dental treatment for most patients begins with a visit to a dental therapist. The dental therapist’s job is to determine the treatment the patient needs, evaluate the condition of the teeth and gums, and maintain the health of the oral cavity.

Dental therapist treats the following conditions:
• Dental caries,
• Pulpitis,
• Periodontitis,
• Parodontosis, etc.

If necessary, dental therapist can prescribe targeted X-ray study, orthopantomography, common blood analysis, or other tests. Dental therapist always works together with a team of other specialists to achieve the best treatment result.