Дантистъ на Пушкина
г. Днипро, пр. Пушкина 24, офис 10
Дантистъ на Победе
г. Днипро, Бульвар Славы, 8
Dentist on Mazepa:
Dnipro, Mazepa avenue, 48
Opening hours:
Mon-Su: 9 to 20
Сб-Вс – выходной

About Us

We ensure strict infection control as well as multi-level cleaning of all the tools used. The integrated disinfection system in the equipment ensures maximum health protection for dentist, assistant, and patient. The semi-automatic sanitation system ensures water hygiene at any time.

Procedures that may cause discomfort in patients are performed with intravenous sedation. We use only high-quality non-allergenic painkillers that are approved for paediatric use. Patients are under the control of anaesthesiologist throughout the procedure.

The major advantage of our clinic is reasonable prices for the services provided, including popular dental treatment methods. You will have a three years warranty for the work performed (subject to following the recommendations of your doctor).