Дантистъ на Пушкина
г. Днипро, пр. Пушкина 24, офис 10
Дантистъ на Победе
г. Днипро, Бульвар Славы, 8
Dentist on Mazepa:
Dnipro, Mazepa avenue, 48
Opening hours:
Mon-Su: 9 to 20
Сб-Вс – выходной

Why us?

“Dantist na Pushkina” Dental Clinic in Dnipro provides a range of dental services with the best price-quality ratio.
For root canal treatment, our dentists use modern microscopic therapy methods.

During dental implantation, surgeons use devices that make it possible to perform the implantation as painlessly as possible and to reduce the tissue healing time.
Our clinic fixes almost all types of modern orthodontic prostheses (from regular braces to invisible braces 'Invisalign'). We will help to solve any issues regarding dental occlusion and tooth extrusion of various severity in children and adults.
Dental prosthetics is performed exclusively by skilled dentists. The use of high-tech materials for dental prostheses ensures their high functionality, aesthetic qualities, and durability.

We can provide our patients with a full range of dental services such as:
• various types of veneers, lumineers,
• ceramic inlays and onlays,
• ceramic dental crowns,
• highly aesthetic dental implant prosthetics,
• partial and full dental prostheses,
• bugel interference-fit prostheses.

Visit to the children's doctor turns into an exciting game without any stress for a kid. We have special children’s equipment and non-aggressive materials that will not harm a child.